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Preparing the spreadsheets for conversion

Preparing the spreadsheets for conversion when using the LibreOffice method

To achieve the highest quality when transforming a spreadsheet using the LibreOffice method, it is advisable to follow some good practices:

  • Use the latest release available on libreoffice.
  • Table styles are not supported. Cell and content styles must be used.
  • Choose font types available in the operating system where the conversion plugin is running. Linux, Windows and macOS allow adding new fonts easily.
  • LibreOffice has some minor differences in default sizes and distances compared with MS Excel. It is recommended to check these values; just open the spreadsheet with LibreOffice to adjust them.
  • In order to achieve a conversion as much close as possible to the original content, you can create the XLSX file with LibreOffice. LibreOffice 4.3 and higher allows to save spreadsheets in XLSX format (File > Save as > Excel 2007-365 (.xlsx)). These files are fully compatible with MS Excel.
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