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Download a trial version of phpxlsx Basic package

Trial Version


- Not meant for production environment

- If in doubt, please contact us

Try the finest spreadsheet generation library available!

Trial version is based on the Basic package, with two restrictions:

  • Generated XLSX show a background image plus an additional paragraph that explains that they are generated with phpxlsx Trial version.
  • It doesn't contain the exclusive features of Advanced and Premium versions.

Package code is somehow obfuscated. All PHP code of paid versions is open and not obfuscated (although protected by copyright) and profusely commented to allow further customizations and/or to facilitate integration with other software tools.

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Did you like the phpxlsx Trial version?

Take the next step and make the most of the library with its licenses. You will find what you were missing:

  • PHP namespaces support
  • Performance module
  • Conversion plugin: XLSX to PDF, XLS to XLSX, import CSV, ODS to XLSX...
  • Encrypt and protect XLSX files
  • Stream mode
  • Digital signatures
  • Indexer: get information from spreadsheets
  • Theme charts
  • And many other features!

Gain advantage of great phpxlsx functionalities to come! With the License Update Service (LUS), you will never miss an update and enjoy discounts and benefits.