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About phpxlsx

How phpxlsx was born

A leading solution

phpxlsx was created to fill a crucial gap in the market: to generate XLSX spreadsheets in multi platform environments from data stored in different places (databases, excel files, CSVs or just templates) with the help of the main coding language, PHP.

A library in motion

phpxlsx is made by the same team that developed phpdocx and benefits from the experience of its constant development. phpxlsx includes the License Update Service (LUS) that will keep our users updated for next releases for a whole year besides having access to exclusive methods and features still in beta development stage.

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phpxlsx is in constant evolution
phpxlsx stays close to its users and the developers community

Always in touch

Every phpxlsx feature is designed to fit our clients as well as the developers community demands. That's why we care so much about keeping in touch with our users through our forum or our social media profiles. We put too all our efforts to create and maintain the best possible documentation and client support, so no one will ever feel lost with phpxlsx.

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phpxlsx today

The phpxlsx community keeps growing year after year. We are happy to say that we have the confidence of some of the first-rate companies in sectors like IT, industry, publishing, finances or education. More than 15K users empower their projects to the maximum quality with phpxlsx.

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phpdocx enjoys the trust of more than 15K users

About the company

phpxlsx is a software library developed by 2mdc (trademark of Narcea Producciones Multimedia S.L.).

2mdc was founded in 1999 and since then has developed a myriad of custom web apps for its clients. From 2009 onwards our focus has shifted progressively into the development of general purpose solutions for a wider audience.

Besides phpxlsx, the rest of the 2mdc family of solutions includes:


Generate Word documents with HTML, CSS and JSON. dynadocx lets you add contents, design its properties or create documents from scratch or templates. Compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. Transform from DOCX to PDF, DOC to DOCX and other formats.


Generate stunning DOCX from any source, transform DOCX to PDF, insert custom syles, images, headers, footers and charts, embed documents... with Javadocx, the easiest to use Java library available. With a complete documentation full of examples, guides and tutorials.


Create DOCX or PDFs on your web server from scratch or with templates. Work with the main coding languages: Python, Ruby, .NET, Node.js, C, C++ and Java. Generate documents from data stored in data sources. Embed HTML, apply a CSS style or choose the predefined Word ones.


Generate dynamically custom PDF, MS Word (.DOCX), RTF and ODT docs with this PHP library. Import/Convert from/to HTML, merge, sign & protect documents, work with templates, add contents and serve them to any server. phpdocx is the most efficient document library available.

But we at 2mdc not only develop business-related software. We have also launched a series of products oriented to other fields, like HeatMapKit, a powerful PHP library that creates intensity displays of geolocalized spatial data over Google maps or any other map server.

We are also specialists in academic contents and sites for the Spanish educational system. We have developed Wikillerato, an academic wiki filled with tests and exercises of secondary school for professors and students, Selectividad.tv, a database with solved problems for the Spanish University Entrance Examinations and Autoescuela.tv, a website that offers test driving problems in the form of very fine looking animations. The latter was awarded with the prestigious E-learning Innovation Award from Macromedia for its innovative and educational values.