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If you are a developer, phpxlsx is a great, easy to use library that will help you deliver your projects.

Plenty of features

With phpxlsx you can generate XLSX from scratch and from templates adding contents, images, charts, links, functions, sheets, tables..., set cell, sheet and workbook settings, transform HTML and CSS to Excel, convert to PDF, sign, protect and encrypt XLSX... A whole bunch of powerful and valuable functions to easily generate striking documents in any platform, any format.

Check all phpxlsx features.

phpxlsx is full with many useful functionalties
phpxlsx offers the best client support

Enjoy the best support

The same IT team that developed phpxlsx assists our users through many channels:


A trial version

Test phpxlsx before you buy it. Our trial version is a free, fully functional library with the same functions of the Basic license.

Test phpxlsx before you buy with our free trial version
phpxlsx beta packages

Beta packages

If your license has an active License Update Service (LUS), then you can get the phpxlsx beta packages, with new methods, options and features still in beta development stage.


The best performance

phpxlsx is fast: it incorporates methods to optimize performance and save time and memory. With just a few lines of code you'll be able to perform thousands of replacements in a template in a few seconds!

phpxlsx is a fast and efficient library that saves time and memory

A complete set of documentation available

We're always refining and improving our documentation, so you will never feel lost and will know exactly how to achieve any task you want.


The best place to start and learn about the library.

API documentation

All methods in a single list, full with details and examples.


Short, useful fragments of code, ready to use.

A practical guide

A short guide to the main phpdocx features.


Easy tips and tricks to handle tasks and save lots of time.

Conversion plugin

Transform to other formats.

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