phpxlsx for designers

phpxlsx helps designers create superb looking spreadsheets in a breeze with maximum quality and fidelity to the original sources.

Enhance your spreadsheets

Place all of these elements and more in your spreadsheet:

  • Sheets
  • Cells
  • Images and background images
  • Styles
  • Charts
  • Functions
  • Links
  • Tables

Check all phpxlsx features.

Enhance your documents with many elements
Import content or styles from DOCX or HTML or apply your own

Transform HTML to XLSX

Either you want to apply your own styles, taken from a CSS or any other stylesheet, your spreadsheets will always keep the maximum quality and fidelity to the original source.


Create nice charts dinamically

Generate 2D and 3D charts of many different types:

  • Bar
  • Column
  • Pie
  • Line
  • … and many more!
Create nice Word charts of many different types dinamically

Many other useful features

Use templates

Generate templates that include placeholders with MS Excel, LibreOffice or any other XLSX editor and replace and remove contents.

Get information

Extract and parse information from XLSX files.

Modify Excel properties

Change the title, subject, author, keywords, description, content status, company name… and more.

Right to left languages and other settings

Generate RTL spreadhseets and customize sheet, row, column and worsheet settings.

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