phpxlsx v2.5 release notes

  • Mar 22, 2023

We are glad to announce phpxlsx 2.5, the new version of the library. It contains many features and improvements that we hope you will find essential for your project workforce.

The list of phpxlsx 2.5 features is as follows:

  • New methods to insert comments: addComment and addCommentAuthor.
  • New method to insert defined names: addDefinedName.
  • New method to add a macro: addMacroFromXlsx.
  • Indexer (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Comments.
    • Defined names.
    • Cell positions.
    • Cell formats.
  • Enabled fullCalcOnLoad option in the default base template.
  • HTML to XLSX supports transforming tables.
  • Improvements working with tables:
    • Add title and description properties.
    • Apply content types to contents and totals.
    • addTable returns the position range used.
  • New options in setWorkbookSettings: readOnly, fullCalcOnLoad, forceFullCalc.
  • New options in addSheet: position, color.
  • New setCellValue method to set a cell value keeping existing styles.
  • The getCell method returns the style index value.
  • Images can be added from files, streams and base64 contents.
  • Applied htmlspecialchars to content values when using template methods.
  • Improved handle XLSX templates that use uppercase ContentType extensions.
  • Added '/' as delimiter in preg_quote when extracting the template variables.
  • The static variables $_templateSymbolStart and $_templateSymbolEnd available in the CreateXlsxFromTemplate class have been changed to class attributes.
  • Free DOMDocument resources when using Indexer (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • The overwrite option has been renamed to replace in all methods.
  • Sign class avoid generating partial signed files in the latest revisions of MS Office (Premium licenses).

You can get phpxlsx in three different licenses: Basic, Advanced and Premium. Just go to Pricing and select the one that matches your needs. There is also a License Update Service (LUS), an addition that will keep your license up to date for a whole year, plus other benefits.