phpxlsx v1.0 release notes

  • May 04, 2022

We are glad to announce phpxlsx 1.0. The first major version of the library is available now for download, in three licenses, Basic, Advanced and Premium, designed to meet all your project needs.

phpxlsx also offers a License Update Service (LUS), a product that allows the user to have the license up-to-date for a whole year.

To get phpxlsx, just log in, go to Pricing and select the license(s) you want.

This is the full list of phpxlsx features:

  • Support all MS Excel versions from MS Excel 2007 to MS Excel 2021. Other XLSX readers such as LibreOffice and Google Docs are supported too (the support of these programs reading contents and styles in XLSX files may vary).
  • Generate XLSX files from scratch and using templates.
  • Content methods: addBreak, addCell, addCellRange, addChart, addFunction, addImage, addLink, addSheet, addTable, getCell.
  • Layout and general methods: addBackgroundImage, addProperties, getActiveSheet, setActiveSheet, setColumnSettings, setMarkAsFinal, setRowSettings, setRtl, setSheetSettings, setWorkbookSettings.
  • Template methods: getTemplateVariables, removeVariableText, replaceVariableImage, replaceVariableText, setTemplateSymbol.
  • HTML to XLSX.
  • RTL support.
  • Transform XLS to XLSX, XLSX to PDF, XLSX to ODS, ODS to XLSX (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Indexer: return information from a XLSX (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Crypto: protect and encrypt XLSX files, remove protection from XLSX files (Premium licenses).
  • Sign XLSX files (Premium licenses).
  • Save and download XLSX files.
  • Stream mode (Premium licenses).
  • XLSXUtilities: searchAndReplace, split (Advanced and Premium licenses).