phpxlsx v3.5 release notes

  • Feb 13, 2024

Great news: the phpxlsx team has launched phpxlsx 3.5, the next installment in the library's journey.

You can get it in the Pricing section of the web. If you want to upgrade your previous version, just go to MY PHPXLSX and click on the "Upgrade to" button. If you have a valid LUS (License Update Service), congratulations! This version is free for you to download.

This is the list of phpxlsx v3.5 features:

  • phpxlsx CLI command (Premium licenses):
    • Speed up development by generating phpxlsx code skeletons automatically.
    • Skeletons generated for spreadsheets from scratch and using templates.
    • Check server settings.
    • Show automatic recommendations.
    • Return phpxlsx information.
  • Add shapes: addShape.
  • Supported new chart types in addChart: bubble, scatter.
  • createTableStyle supports setting a font family.
  • New recalcFunctions option in the conversion plugin based on LibreOffice to recalculate values when transforming to PDF (Advanced and Premium licenses).
  • Added a default HTML content when adding an empty content with embedHTML and replaceVariableByHTML to avoid throwing a PHP error.
  • Remove invalid UTF-8 XML characters automatically.
  • XlsxFragment class moved to the Elements namespace in the namespaces package.