phpxlsx v3 release notes

  • Sep 13, 2023

We are excited to announce phpxlsx 3, the latest major version of our library for spreadsheet dynamic generation and conversion.

phpxlsx 3 includes numerous new methods and options, beside support for PHP 8.3.

Go to Pricing in order to get this new version. There are three different licenses to choose from, with different sets of features and prices.

Also, phpxlsx is offered in a new suite of Premium packages: phpdocx Bureau. This product includes three Premium packages of our PHP generation libraries: phpdocx (DOCX generation), phppptx (Presentations generation) and phpxlsx. This essential, cost effective suite is available on the phpdocx website.

This is the complete list of phpxlsx 3 features:

  • Add math equations: addMathEquation.
  • Add text boxes: addTextBox.
  • Get column and row settings: getColumnSettings, getRowSettings.
  • Create table styles: createTableStyle.
  • PHP 8.3 support.
  • Supported new chart types in addChart: radar, surface.
  • XlsxFragments.
  • Indexer (Advanced and Premium licenses):
    • Table styles.
  • New color option in setSheetSettings.
  • getCell returns the numFmtId value applied to the cell
  • New PhpxlsxLogger::$errorReporting public static variable to set a custom error reporting value. Default as E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED.
  • Reordered internal XML files in the default base template to return Microsoft Excel 2007+ mime type.
  • Corrections in the internal phpdoc documentation.
  • Parsing a XLSX shows the file name in the Exception if a file can't be read as a ZIP file.