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Get the style and format from a cell
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Posted by jeroen8087  · 02-02-2023 - 15:53

Is there a way to get the current style and format from an existing cell? For example: bold text and format as date.

Posted by admin  · 03-02-2023 - 12:49


getCell returns information from a cell position. It doesn't return styles, but Indexer returns more information.

In future releases new methods and options to get more information will be added.


Posted by jeroen8087  · 08-02-2023 - 09:24

Thank you for your reply.

In general this is not a real issue, except for cells representing a date. A cell containing a date has a numeric value. Example:

// Cell A1 contains the date 01-01-2023, with cell type "date"
$cellContents = $xlsx->getCell("A1");

echo $cellContents["value"];
// this gives the integer 44927

// Cell A2 contains the number 44927, with cell type "number"
$cellContents = $xlsx->getCell("A2");

echo $cellContents["value"];
// this gives the integer 44927

Converting 44927 to 01-01-2023 is not hard knowing the Excel 1900 date format. But, without knowing the cell format, we do not know if the value represents a date or an integer.

Posted by admin  · 08-02-2023 - 14:49


Yes, the case you detail can't be detected, because both values use the same data, a number. In both cases MS Excel sets a number, and the display format is set using the numFmtId attribute of the styles file:

There's no method in the current stable version of phpxlsx to return this information. We have opened a task to add support.